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specialized treatments
uniquely tailored to your  body

Dr. Jason Ciaramitaro is committed to solving every patient's unique physiology through premium care and an individualized treatment process. 

Call or schedule an appointment today to win back your health.

My commitment to you is to use the wisdom of your own body to help you find the root cause of your chronic illness or chronic musculoskeletal complaint. 

The weekend gardener who throws out their back and can't get back to work, but couldn't find help from regular chiropractic care.

The softball player whose nagging shoulder injury keeps him from the game, but can't find relief from formal physical therapy.

The busy mom with fatigue, brain fog, and hormonal problems who can't keep up with her kids, but the medical doctor said all the tests came back fine.

The 30-something with chronic IBS symptoms who can't get out of bed, but the gastroenterologist wasn't able to solve. 




Dr. Jason Ciaramitaro has experience treating the following conditions:
Gut Issues
Chronic Pain
Chronic Fatigue
Thyroid Disorders
Autoimmune Disorders


He saved my gallbladder! I was having pain for weeks. It was recommended to me to go see Dr. Jason, and I am so glad I did! He saved me from going through surgery. He determines the reason for the problem, and pinpoints what nutrients your body is lacking. Within a few days after my visit, the pain was gone!

Leslyann Rosentreter

If you care about your health this is the place to go. Dr Jason is amazing, caring, informative and constantly learning new techniques. I’m so pleased to be getting to the bottom of my long term health issue and don’t have to just “live with it” any more. Also I’m no longer wasting money on supplements that don’t work for me. He can test it on you before you buy it. Then you know you’re getting the results you need.

Lynn Coehoorn

Dr. Jason is AMAZING. I am a chiropractor myself and he has helped me solve personal health problems no other health care provider could. He's a master of his craft and gets amazing results. I even refer my own practice members to him for complex issues - and everyone is always impressed and happy to have him on their team. He rocks - you won't be disappointed!

Mackenzie McNamara

Success Stories

What to Expect on Your
First Visit

Your first visit will consist of a detailed medical history and consultation where the doctor fully hears your story and how you got to where you are. 

Then you will then receive a comprehensive evaluation and examination using Systems Health Care.


You will be taken through a systematic unlayering process, similar to that of peeling an onion, where your body reveals its priorities that need to be addressed in order of importance. 

This may start with clearing old injuries your body has been holding onto for decades, activating muscles you had no idea were not working fully, addressing the TMJ/cranial system, finding stressors to organs, nutrient deficiencies, hidden infections, heavy metal toxicity, etc. 

What to expect
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