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“In Systems Health Care, we understand that there is a physiological hierarchy in which health issues need to be treated to remain resolved. We look for specific physiological patterns that are present when a person is functioning well, and we look for other patterns when there is a problem. Expected patterns no longer exist when the body compensates from injuries or long-term health issues. Therefore, the body doesn’t realize that there is a problem which needs to be addressed.


Yes, the body can always heal itself – but if the patterns are wrong, then often it cannot do that. Injuries, as well as other health issues, have specific patterns and indicators that should exist, and if they don’t then we, the physicians, need to figure out why. From gait patterns to injury patterns to organ-dysfunction patterns, we are always looking for a pattern, whether normal or abnormal, along with other specific indicators that tell us what to treat first, next, and last. All of these guide us in how to fix the patient.


Simply put, Systems Health Care identifies primary problems by identifying and treating patterns in a systematic, individualized progression.”

– Dr. Stephen Gangemi, DC, DIBAK, DCBCN

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Applied kinesiology is the most amazing healing art and is the greatest experience I’ve ever had in addressing my body’s problems. Doctor Jason is exceptionally skilled and has been able to correct issues that I have been told could only be corrected through medication by other doctors. I will always see Doctor Jason prior to setting appointments with any other specialist for all of the problems I encounter with my body throughout the rest of my life. It doesn’t matter if it is acute or chronic pain or problems, Doctor Jason has been able to correct them and prevent me from requiring surgery. I simply can not recommend him enough!

Jeff Adams

Dr. Jason has helped me more than any chiropractor I have ever used. He has helped to show me that chiropractic is more than just popping bones and realignment; it’s about listening to your body and feeding it, giving it what it wants and needs. When I listen to my doctor’s directions and treat my body right, it responds in kind. When I don’t I end up coming back a complete wreck. I am thankful for Dr. Jason and the way he has used AK/Chiropractic to help change my life.

Kevin Lanxon

Dr. Jason is amazing. I've been going to him for a few years now and he has kept me out of pain the entire time. I had constant low back pain and was a regular to a chiropractor but was never able to get out of pain for that long. Started going to Dr. Jason and he keeps me out of pain with my regular monthly visit. I had never had AK done before going to Dr. Jason and I have to say it is amazing how he can locate what is wrong (and it usually has nothing to do with where you are feeling the pain) and fix it. I highly recommend Dr. Jason, just one visit and you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

Cory Adams

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